Issue‎ 1(3)


Levin I.M., Dolin L.S., Radomyslskaya T.M. Visibility Range of Large Underwater Objects Viewed from Air through Rough    Sea Surface. More details>>

Ryabchenko V.A., Dvornikov A.Yu., Gorchakov V.A., Liberman Yu.M. Developing and Testing of a Model   System for Forecasting of Hydrodynamic Characteristics in Limited Regions of the Barents Sea. More details>>

Foux V.R. On Estimation of an Ocean Front Location Depending on the Satellite Measurements. More details>>

Emeliyanov V.N., Kapranov I.E.,   Skryabin I.N., Chalkin V.P. Simulation of Floating Bodies’ Dynamics Using Advanced Computational Approaches. More details>>

Golubev A.G. Rustling Object Coordinates Estimation Algorithm in Passive Sonar System. More details>>

Sukhorukov A.L. On the Effect of Wave Processes in Spring Linkages on the Dynamics of Offshore Facilities during Development of Deep-Water Oil and Gas Fields. More details>>

Kishchenko A.A. Analysis of the Wind Wave Parameter   Calculation Algorithm Using the Hydrostatic Level Gauge Data. More details>>

Slutskaya M.Z. Numerical Determination of Hydrodinamic Forces Acting on Submersible Object in Internal Waves. More details>>