2016, volume 9, issue 3


Bogdanov V. I., Malova T. I. The Problems of Contemporary Concept of Isostasy and Scale Effects for Fractured Earth’s Crust of Continents and Oceans. More details>>
Golmshtok A. Ya. Multichannel Seismic Profiling, Gas Hydrates and the Numerical Simulation of the Mud Volcanoes Formation Conditions in Lake Baikal. More details>>
Makarov M. M., Muyakshin S. I., Kucher K. M., Aslamov I. A., Gnatovsky R. Y., Granin N. G. Bubble Gas Escapes from the Bottom of Lake Baikal: Observation with Help of the Echosounder, Estimation of Methane Flux and Connection of this Flux with Bubble Flare Height (in English). More details>>
Esau I., Davy R. Stably Stratified Planetary Boundary Layer Effects in Northern Hemisphere Climate (in English). More details>>
Zhegulin G. V. Using Wavelet Analysis to Assess the Relationship of Hydrological and Hydrooptical Oscillations in the Range of Internal Waves According to in situ Observations in the White Sea. More details>>
Cheban E. Yu., Kapustin I. A., Molkov A. A., Igonina M. V. Experimental Modeling of Oil Spill Spreading in Vessel’s Wake Current from «Ship to Ship» Mooring. More details>>
Sukhorukov A. L., Titov M. A. On Underwater Glider’s Stability in Balancing Mode of Motion. More details>>
Morgunov Yu. N., Bezotvetnikh V. V., Borodin A. E., Burenin A. V., Voytenko E. A. The Research of Functioning of the Regional System of Underwater Navigation Support in Different Hydrological Conditions. More details>>
Malyshkin G. S., Voronina N. G. Analysis of Characteristics and Optimization of Sound Transparent Cylindrical Antennas. More details>>