2016, volume 9, issue 4


Ermolenko S. I., Shved G. M. Excitation of Earth’s Free Oscillations by Atmospheric Motions. More details>>
Anisimov S. V., Galichenko S. V., Aphinogenov K. V. The Radon Transport and the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Electric State Formation. More details>>
Izquierdo A., Kagan B. A., Sein D. V., Mikolajewicz U. Modelling in the Strait of Gibraltar: from Operational Oceanography to Scale Interactions. More details>>
Vlasova G. A., Nguyen Ba Xuan, Demenok M. N. The Water Circulation of the South China Sea in a Zone of the Vietnamese Сurrent under the Influence of Southern Tropical Cyclone in Spring of 1999: Results of Numerical Modeling. More details>>
Shevchenko G. V., Chastikov V. N., Kirillov K. V., Kusaylo O. V. Experimental Study of Currents in the Aniva Gulf in 2003. More details>>
Zhegulin G. V., Zimin A. V., Rodionov A. A. Analysis of the Dispersion Dependence and Vertical Structure of Internal Waves in the White Sea in Experimental Data. More details>>
Koval К. А., Sukhorukov А. L., Chernishev I. А. Results of Verification of the Numerical Method for Calculation of Hydrodynamic and Hydroacoustic Characteristics of the Fin Propulsor. More details>>
Mikushin I. I., Seravin G. N. Return Problems of Restoration of Sound Speed Vertical Distribution in the Sea. More details>>
Marasev S. V., Mashoshin A. I. Sonar Optimal Frequency in the Real Ocean Conditions. More details>>