Issue‎ 3(5)


Chalikov D.V. Statistics of Extreme Wind Waves. More details>>

Malinin V.N., Shevchuk О.I. About   Forecast of Seasonal Variations of the Global Sea Level. More details>>

Volzhenskij M.N., Rodionov A.A.,   Semenov E.V., Filatov N.N., Zimin A.V., Bulatov M.B. Experience of Verification of Operative Model   of Monitoring of the White Sea in 2004-2008. More details>>

Belov B.P. Turbulent Noise on the Submered Vechle Nose Antenna. More details>>

Facts   and Hypotheses
Didenkulova I.I.,   Pelinovsky E.N. Tsunami-like Events in Russian Inland Waters. More details>>