2017, volume 10, issue 4


Semenov K. K., Nudner I. S., Lebedev V. V., Zaharov Yu. N., Zimin A. I., Stukolov S. V. Laboratory and Numerical Studies of Tsunami Waveform Propagating over a Plane Bed. More details>>
Dorfman A. A., Pechenin S. A., Semenov K. K., Nudner I. S., Maximov V. V. Tsunami Wave Impact on Marine Hydrotechnicalstructures and Coastal Objects. More details>>
Nudner I. S., Semenov K. K., Khakimzyanov G. S., Shokina N. Yu. Investigations of the Long Marine Waves Interaction with the Structures Protected by the Vertical Barriers. More details>>
Belyaev N. D., Lebedev V. V., Alexeeva A. V., Nudner I. S., Semenov K. K., Schemelinin D. I. Investigation of the Soil Structure Changes under the Tsunami Waves Impact on the Marine Hydrotechnical Structures. More details>>
Maximov V. V., Nudner I. S., Lebedev V. V., Semenov K. K., Kshevetskii S. P., Amosov A. A. Interaction of Tsunami Waves with Sloping Structures. More details>>
Rouvinskaya E., Kurkina O., Kurkin A., Zaytsev A. Modeling of Internal Wave Action on Offshore Platforms for Hydrological Conditions of the Sakhalin Shelf Zone (in English). More details>>