2019, volume 12, issue 2


Balakin R.A., Vilkov G.I.
Identification of submerged object materials methods of hydroacoustic soundingMore details>>
Konson A.D., Volkova A.A.
Detection of amplitude modulation of sea vessel underwater noise emission at rolling and pitching at the background of ultralow frequency f luctuationsMore details>>
Sheinman E.L.
Recognition of marine objects and distance definition using the samples
of the database of signal spectraMore details>>
Isachenko I.A.
Influence of the source pulsations on the structure and internal dynamics of the intrusion (Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)More details>>
Myslenkov S.A., Medvedeva A.Yu.
Wave energy resources of the Baltic Sea and coastal zone of the Kaliningrad Region (Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)More details>>
Zhurbas V.M., Paka V.T., Golenko M.N., Korzh A.O.
Transformation of eastward spreading
saline water at the Słupk Sill of the Baltic Sea: an estimate based on microstructure measurementsMore details>>
Chalikov D.V., Bulgakov K.Yu.
The structure of surface layer above seaMore details>>
Voltzinger N.E., Klevannyy K.A.
Impact of non-hydrostatic long wave dynamics
on hydrotechnical constructionsMore details>>
Kondratyev S.A., Ershova A.A., Ekholm P., Victorova N.V.
Nutrient Load from the
Russian Territory on the Gulf of FinlandMore details>>
Melentyev V.V.
Application use of satellite passive microwave survey for the development of technology of airborne calculation of number population of harp seal More details>>
From the history of science
PrefaceMore details>>
Il’in V.B., Farafonov V.G.
Direct light scattering tasks in works of K. S. ShifrinMore details>>
Melentyev V.V.
Creation and development of the methodology of microwave radiometry
for hydrometeorological and oceanological investigationsMore details>>