2020, volume 13, issue 1


Khantuleva T.A.
On the description of non-equilibrium transport processes and formation of dynamic structures in liquid media
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Kagan B.A., Timofeev A.A.
Dynamics and energetics of tides in the Laptev Sea: the results of high-resolving modeling of the surface semidiurnal tide M2
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Tyugin D.Yu., Kurkin A.A., Kurkina O.Ye.
Updated software package for internal waves modeling in the World Ocean with cloud computing support (Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)
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Akulova О.B., Bukatyi V.I.
Evaluation of suspended matter effect on spectral light attenuation in Lake Teletskoye (Translated by E.S. Kochetkova)
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Badiey M., Kuz’kin V.M., Pereselkov S.A.
Interferometry of hydrodynamics of oceanic shelf caused by intensive internal waves
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Sukhorukov A.L., Chernyshev I.A.
Definition of characteristics of pump-jet and parameters of the hydrodynamic wake behind underwater object on the basis of numerical methods of hydrodynamics
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Gamper L.E., Popova O.S.
Local interference rejection in passive sonar with separated antennas
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Nersesov B.A.
The main tendencies of development of means of marine magnetometry
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From the history of science
Shirokova V.A., Sobisevich A.V.
Scientific path of Mikhail Andreyevich Velikanov: creation of a geophysical direction in hydrology and science about stream processes
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