Issue №3(9)


Pelinovsky E.N., Talipova T.G. Non-reflective Wave Propagation in Strongly Inhomogeneous Media. More details>>

Chalikov D.V. Harmonic Wave Deep Water Transformation. More details>>

Volkov K., Emelyanov V., Kurova I. Large-eddy Simulation in Hydrophysical and Hydroacoustic Problems. More details>>

Karlin L.N., Ryabchenko V.A., Vankevich R.E., Eremina T.R., Isaev A.V., Neelov I.A. Testing an Operational Oceanographic System Testing   by Means of Forecasting of Hydrodynamical Characteristics in the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea. More details>>


Nikiforov S.L., Popov V.А., Popov O.Е., Seleznev I.A. The Concept of Common Sea-Bottom Geoacoustic Database Creation and Geoacoustic Modeling Techniques. More details>>

Dolin L.S. Lidar Methods for Measurement of Modulation   Transfer Function of Water Layers. More details>>

Dashevskii O.Yu., Nejevenko E.S. Passive Aperture Synthesis Techniques for Towed Arrays and Their Probation with Test and Real Signals. More details>>