2022, volume 15, issue 1


Esau I.N.
XXI-st century: a shift of paradigm in the planetary boundary layer theory
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Scientific articles
Chalikov D. V.
Different approaches to numerical modeling of sea waves
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Molkov A.A.
Qualitative estimation of modeled Snell’s window stereo imagery for wind wave profile retrieval
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Karpov I.O., Pereslegin S.V.
The model of radar observation of the surface vibration waves generated by earthquake source (ground vibrator)
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Korinenko A.E., Malinovsky V.V., Dulov V.A., Kudryavtsev V.N.
Estimation of the “whitecap” lifetime of breaking wave
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Fokina K.V., Bulgakov К.Yu.
Coupled modelling of wind waves and wave boundary layer
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Sumkina A.A., Kivva K.K., Ivanov V.V., Smirnov A.V.
Seasonal ice removal in the Barents Sea and its dependence on heat advection by Atlantic waters
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Serykh I.V., Kostianoy A.G., Lebedev S.A., Kostianaia E.A.
On the transition of temperature regime of the White Sea Region to a new phase state
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Malova T.I.
“The floods of the Neva, XVIII century”. Database
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