2022, volume 15, issue 3



Scientific articles
Glukhovets D.I., Goldin Yu.A.
Review of Oleg Viktorovich Kopelevich’s works on ocean optics
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Shybanov E.B., Lee M.E.
Effect of a polydisperse hydrosol on the spectral properties of light scattering by seawater at forfard angles
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Glukhov V.A., Goldin Yu.A., Zhegulin G.V., Rodionov M. A.
Complex processing of lidar survey data of marine areas
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Lee M.E., Martynov O.V.
Method for fast measuring of seawater-leaving radiance spectra
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Korchemkina E.N., Mankovskaya E.V.
Relationships between bio-optical parameters of the Black Sea waters and spectral reflectance coefficient in spring 2019
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Lokhov A.S., Kravchishina M.D., Klyuvitkin A.A.
Suspended particulate matter investigations by the optical method in the Franz-Victoria Trough, the Barents Sea
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Churilova T.Ya., Efimova T.V., Moiseeva N.A., Skorokhod E.Yu./em>
Spectral light absorption coefficient of particles and colored dissolved organic matter in the Sea of Azov
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Vazyulya S.V., Sheberstov S.V.
Algorithms for evaluation of biooptical characteristics in the Gulf of Finland using empirical orthogonal functions
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Shtraikhert E.A., Zakharkov S.P., Salyuk P.A., Ponomarev V.I., Artemiev V.A.,
Glukhovets D.I., Latushkin A.A.

The chlorophyll-a content distribution in the Atlantic Ocean in December 2019 — January 2020 according to ship measurements at the different hydrometeorological conditions
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Shulga Т.Ya., Suslin V.V., Shukalo D.M.
Data recovery of the Sea of Azov salinity fields using regression analysis between in situ data and regional satellite products
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Luchinin A.G., Kirillin V.Yu.
Characteristics of the image system based on photon density waves in observing underwater objects through a waved surface
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To the memory of Iosif Markovich Levin