2013, volume 6, issue 2


Morozov E.G. Internal Tides in the Northwest Pacific Based on the Measurements at the Megapolygon Study Region. More details>>
Samodurov A.S., Chukharev A.M., Nosova A.V., Globina L.V. Internal Waves Intensification in the Shelf Break Region as a Factor of the Vertical Exchange Intensification. More details>>
Gavrilov N.V., Liapidevskii V.Yu., Liapidevskaya Z.A. Influence of Dispersion on the Propagation of Internal Waves in a Shelf Zone. More details>>
Kukarin V.F., Liapidevskii V.Yu., Navrotsky V.V., Khrapchenkov F.F. Evolution of Large Amplitude Internal Waves of in a Swash Zone. More details>>
Talipova T.G., Pelinovsky E.N. Modeling of Propagating Long Internal Waves in an Inhomogeneous Ocean: the Theory and its Verification. More details>>
Bulatov V.V., Vladimirov Yu.V. Fields of Internal Gravity Waves in Heterogeneous and Non-stationary Stratified Media. More details>>
Makarenko N.I., Perevalova E.G. Density Stratification and Amplitude Dispersion of Internal Waves. More details>>
Pelinovsky E., Shurgalina E. Interaction of Solitary Internal Waves of Finite Amplitude. More details>>
Arkhipov D.G., Khabakhpashev G.A. Modeling of the Interaction between Nonlinear Plane Internal Waves in an Ocean with Density Interface and Gently Sloping Bottom. More details>>