Simulation of Storm Surges in the Neva Bay on the Basis of a Three-Dimensional Model of Circulation in the Conditions of Maneuvering by Gates of the Flood Protection Barrier

Andreev P.N., Dvornikov A.Yu., Ryabchenko V.A., Tsepelev V.Yu., Smirnov K.G.

A three-dimensional hydrodynamic model of the Neva Bay and easternmost part of the Gulf of Finland is used for simulation of storm surges in the Neva Bay in November-December, 2011 when to prevent flood in St. Petersburg closing of gates of the flood protection barrier was required. Comparison of calculation results with data of measurement of the water level at hydrometeorological stations «Kronstadt» and «Mining institute» and the current velocity at the automatic bottom station near the lighthause «Tolbukhin» showed that the mod-el adequately works in extreme hydrometeorological conditions.

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