Simulation of the Resuspension and Transport of Bottom Sediments in the Neva Bay Using a 3D Circulation Model

Martyanov S.D., Ryabchenko V.A.

A three-dimensional model of the Neva Bay describing the processes of resuspension and transport of suspended sediment was modified by inclusion of the variable velocity of the gravitational sinking of suspended particles and using the new method of calculating the total bottom stress due to currents and wind waves. In the calculation of the critical bottom stress effects of cohesion are taken into account. Wind waves are calculated using the model SWAN. The best agreement between satellite-derived and model distributions of the concentration of suspended particles is achieved by setting the correction factor for the cohesion of silt bottom sediment, equal to 1.5, and the zero and 10 percent of clay content, respectively, in sand and silt sediments.

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