The Methodical Approach to the Formation of Map of Marine Objects Detection Frequency by Space Systems of Sea Surface Monitoring

Borisenkov I. L., Gulyakov V. V., Kalinov M. I., Rodionov V. A.

The main stages of modeling of space system’s operation for sea surface monitoring and for statistical evaluation of marine objects detection frequency are described. The methodical approach to the formation of maps of marine objects detection frequency including substantiation of estimation interval, quantization of sea surface, the definition of frequency in each quantum and displaying the received data on the background of digital marine map is presented. Examples of maps of the detection frequency of marine objects by space systems are shown. The prospects of formation of such maps for visualizing the results of evaluation of the effectiveness of space systems and their informational properties application. It is expected that the use of these maps will increase the efficiency and reliability of the decisions on the management of space systems when they are used for the intended purpose.

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