Cooperative Spase and Marine Experiment on Integrated Registration of Ship Wakes

Nosov V. N., Ivanov S. G., Timonin V. I., Podgrebenkov A. L., Pliskin A. N., Kaledin S. B., Glebova T. V., Yadrintsev A. N., Zakharov V. Hr.

The paper describes the space experiment of photographing from the board of the Russian segment of the International Space Station of hydrodynamic disturbances in the form of ship wakes on the sea surface followed by image processing by the developed algorithms and programs which allow to highlight low-contrast anomalies in images of the sea surface. Ground truth measurement parameters ship wakes using laser and optical equipment were performed in parallel with the space experiment. Measured by the laser and optical equipment parameters of the turbulent ship wakes correspond both with the visual assessments (due to images obtained from the International Space Station) and with the results of the digital processing of images. The ways to improve the photographic technique from the International Space Station and to develop the efficient algorithms for allocation of anomalies in the images of the sea surface using the symmetry of these anomalies are planned.

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