Mathematical simulation of motion of ‎floating shutter during its setting on the ‎threshold

Kupreyev V., Sukhorukov A., Chernetsov V.

The article investigates the motion of floating gate shutter that blocks a navigation pass due to ‎flooding of ballast tanks. The software package Star-CD by Computational Dynamic, London is used ‎to simulate viscous fluid. Comparative analysis of motion of a floating gate with the initial shape of a ‎shutter cross-section and a shutter with an additional structural element (volume of flotation), that ‎changes the flow structure when the object approaches the bottom and acts as a destroyer of large-‎scale vortex, was made. It is demonstrated that continuous oscillations of the shutter take place under ‎a certain difference in fluid level (stability threshold). At the same time, the value of stability threshold ‎of the additionally developed structure turns out to be much higher. The results presented make it ‎possible to determine trends for increasing stability threshold‎.

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