On the Effect of Wave Processes in Spring Linkages on the Dynamics of Offshore Facilities during Development of Deep-Water Oil and Gas ‎Fields

Sukhorukov A.L.

A tendency towards the development of deeper oil and gas fields is observed presently due to depletion of ‎onshore crude hydrocarbon reserves. During construction of such fields long anchor ropes have to be ‎used. For long anchor ropes, their inertia and finite longitudinal elastic wave propagation velocity in ropes ‎may have effect on both force distribution and the dynamics of anchored offshore facilities. This paper ‎solves the problem of vertical forced oscillations of TLP with regard to wave processes in long anchor ‎ropes using the finite integral Fourier transforms method. The mathematical model takes into account the ‎contribution of hydrodynamic forces and internal friction in the rope material. Comparison of the results ‎obtained with and without regard to wave processes in ropes enables the assessment of this factor influ-‎ence on the dynamics of offshore facilities.‎

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