Nonlinear Dispersive Models of the ‎Wave Hydrodynamics in the Problems on Tsunami Generation by the ‎Landslide‎

Fedotova Z.I., Chubarov L.B., Khakimzyanov G.S.

In the paper the problems of mathematical modeling of tsunami waves generation by a moveable ‎landslide are considered. It is pointed out, that nonlinear dispersive models are more preferable than ‎classical shallow water models as they describe more complex wave behavior due to the ability to ‎reproduce dispersion and to characterize process heterogeneity in a vertical direction. To account the ‎landslip movement the determinative equations should take into account time dependence of a bottom ‎surface. The main result of the paper is the analysis of assumptions which are necessary for derivation of ‎the wave hydrodynamics nonlinear dispersive models suitable for the case of a non-stationary bottom ‎surface and also the algorithm of the uniform derivation of Green-Naghdi, Zheleznyak-Pelinovsky, and ‎Aleshkov models for this case. Some ways of the nonlinear dispersive equations numerical realization are ‎discussed as well.‎

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