2014, volume 7, issue 4


Chalikov D. V., Bulgakov K. Yu. Stokes Waves at Finite Depth. More details>> 
Giniyatullin A. R., Kurkin A. A., Kurkina O. E., Stepanyants Yu. A. Generalized Korteweg—de Vries Equation for Internal Waves in Two-Layer Fluid. More details>> 
Averkiev A. S. Storm surge features in the Gulf of Finland formed by extreme cyclones during operation of Protection Barrier of St.-Petersburg from Floods. More details>> 
Gardashov R. H., Mammedov R. M., Osadchy V. Yu. Relationship between Wave Spectrum and Sun Glints Characteristics. More details>> 
Dolina I. S., Dolin L. S. The Effect of Shear Flow on the Structure of Lidar Images of Nonlinear Internal Waves. More details>> 
Radomyslskaya T. M., Levin I. M. Possibility of Oil Pollution Detection on Ice Cover of Sea Surface . More details>> 
Fedorov S. F. Simulation Modeling of Velocity Vector Components in an Isotropic Turbulent Flow. More details>> 
Mashoshin A. I., Shafranyuk Y. V. The Automatic Target Recognition Algorithm Based on the Signal Modulation Analyses. More details>>