2015, volume 8, issue 4


within the Seventh International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2015)
Ischenko A. N., Akinshin R. N., Afanaseva S. A., Borisenkov I. L., Burkin V. V., Dyachkovskii A. S., Monahov R. Y., Rodionov A. A., Khabibullin M. V. Research on High-Speed Motion of Supercavitating Bodies in Water and their Interaction with Underwater Barriers. More details>>
Voropaeva O. F., Chernykh G. G. The Dynamics of Local Zones of Turbulized Fluid under the Background Disturbances of Hydrophysical Fields. More details>>
Rodionov A. A., Zimin A. V., Nikitin D. A. The Complex Study of Hydrodynamic and Hydroacoustic Phenomena in Meso- and Submesoscale Variability of Hydrophysical Fields in the Arctic Seas (Illustrated by the Example of the White Sea). More details>>
Borisenkov I. L., Gulyakov V. V., Kalinov M. I., Rodionov V. A. The Methodical Approach to the Formation of Map of Marine Objects Detection Frequency by Space Systems of Sea Surface Monitoring. More details>>
Nosov V. N., Ivanov S. G., Timonin V. I., Podgrebenkov A. L., Pliskin A. N., Kaledin S. B., Glebova T. V., Yadrintsev A. N., Zakharov V. Hr. Cooperative Spase and Marine Experiment on Integrated Registration of Ship Wakes. More details>>
Borodin A. E. Methods of Control the Underwater Situation by the Perspective Aviation Complexes in Sea Network-Centric Warfare. More details>>
Okovancev A. N., Kalinov M. I. Trends of Combat Missile Systems for Monitoring the World’s Oceans. More details>>
Kovalenko V. V., Korchak V. Yu., Khil’ko A. I., Chulkov V. L. Countermeasures and Security for Underwater Sensor Network Systems. More details>>
Barkhatov A. V., Veremev V. I., Rodionov V. A., Kupriyanov S. V. The Development Conception of High Frequency Radar with a Forward-Based Receiver and Cooperative and Non-Cooperative Transmitters Signals Utilizing for Marine Situations Surveillance. More details>>
Chupin V. A., Borodin A. E., Dolgikh G. I. Seismoacoustic Signals Registration by the Two-Axial Laser Strainmeter, Created by Hydroacoustic Sources. More details>>
Zakrevskii V. A., Pakhotin V. A. The Intrinsic Noise of Towed Cable Combined Receiving Antenna and Evaluation of Possibilities of Its Use as a Sensor Seismic Waves. More details>>
Korenbaum V. I., Gorovoy S. V., Borodin A. E., Tagiltcev A. A., Kostiv A. E., Shiryaev A. D., Vasilistov A. M., Pochekutova I. A. Experimental Study of Possibility of Divers’ Respiratory Noises Detection. More details>>
Shilova O. А., Kruchinina I. Y., Railkin A. I., Efimova L. N., Sploshnova E. M. Innovation Developments in the Area of Protective Coatings. More details>>
Vladimirova Je. M., Konovalov A. A., Litvin A. D., Poletaeva M. A., Stetsyuk I. V. The Interaction of Background Internal Waves and Wake over the Horizontally Moving Sphere in Stratified Fluids. More details>>
Boukhanovsky A. V., Lopatoukhin L. I. Storms Statistics at Sea (Alternative Approach). More details>>
Maltsev G. N., Kozinov I. A. Optimizing of the Number of Spectral Channels in Problems of Processing and Analysis of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of the Ocean Data. More details>>
Korchemkina E. N. , Lee M. E. Anomalous Optical Properties of the Black Sea in July 2012 and Relationship with the Concentration of Mineral Suspension in the Water. More details>>
Voloshchuk E. V., Eremina T. R., Ryabchenko V. A. Modeling of Biogeochemical Processes in the Sediments of the Eastern Part of the Gulf of Finland by Means of Diagenetic Model. More details>>