2019, volume 12, issue 1


Filatov N.N.
The modern state and perspective investigations of hydrophysical processes and ecosystems of inland waters (a review)More details>>
Morozov A. N., Mankovskaya E.V.
Seasonal variability of currents structure in the Black sea Northern part from field measurements in 2016More details>>
Pereslegin S.V., Karpov I.O., Khalikov Z.A., Ermakov R.V., Mussiniants T.G.
The forming of sea surface velocity images from stationary, airborne and spaceborne platformsMore details>>
Volkov S.Yu., Bogdanov S.R., Zdorovennova G.E., Zdorovennov R.E., Palshin N.I., Terzhevik A. Yu.
Large-scale structure of convectively-mixed layer in a shallow ice-covered lakeMore details>>
Kagan B.A., Sofina E.V.
Tidal changes in the regional climate of the Kara Sea: results of modelingMore details>>
Bulatov V.V., Vladimirov Yu.V., Vladimirov I.Yu.
Far fields of surface gravity waves generated by a rapidly moving oscillating perturbation sourceMore details>>
Konik A.A., Zimin A.V., Atadzhanova O.A.
Quantitative estimations of the variability of characteristics of the temperature of the sea surface in the front of the frontal zone of the Kara SeaMore details>>
Arkhipov B.V., Shapochkin D.A.
Some properties of solutions of the equation for oil spills spreading on the sea surfaceMore details>>
Neyman V.G., Zatsepin A.G.
On the history of the development of ocean hydrophysics in RussiaMore details>>
Zhegulin G.V.
Estimation of the statistical communication of hydrological and hydrooptical characteristics from the data of measurement of short-period inland waves in the deep-border region of the Barents SeaMore details>>