Issue №4(10)


Divinsky   B.V., Kosyan R.D., Kuklev S.B. Parameters of Wind Waves on the Protected Water Areas. More details>>

Kantarzhi I.G. Impacts onto the Water Environment of the Sea Ports and Continental Shelf Structures Construction. More details>>

Pelinovsky E.N., Shurgalina E.G. Abnormal Intensification of a Wave near a Vertical Barrier. More details>>

Kamynin E.Yu., Maximov V.V., Nudner I.S., Semenov K.K., Khakimzyanov G.S. Study of Interaction of the Solitary Wave with a Partially Submerged Stationary Construction. More details>>

Didenkulova I.I., Sergeeva A.V., Pelinovsky E.N., Gurbatov S.N. Statistical Estimates of Characteristics of Long Wave Run-up on a Beach. More details>>

Khabakhpasheva  T.I., Korobkin A.A. Impulsive Interaction of Breaking Waves with Flexible Coastal Structures. More details>>

Leont’yev I.O. Shoreface profile dynamics in different time scales. More details>>

Soomere T., Zaitseva-Pärnaste I., Räämet A., Kurennoy D. Spatio-temporal variations of wave fields in the Gulf of Finland. More details>>

Gagoshidze Sh.N. To the Estimation of the Action of Longitudinal Waves on the Bank Slopes of the Open Sea and River Channels. More details>>