2012, volume 5, issue 1


Physical and Numerical Models of Giant Waves
Chalikov D.V. The Portrait of Freak Wave. More details>>

Shamin R.V. Modeling of Rogue Waves on the Basis of Evolutionary Differential Inclusions. More details>>

Slunyaev A.V., Sergeeva A.V. Numerical Simulations and Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Fields of Rogue Waves. More details>>

Badulin S.I., Ivonin D.V. Three-Dimensional Freak Waves. Once More on New Year Wave. More details>>

Kuznetsov S.Yu., Saprykina Ya.V. Experimental Investigations of Freak Waves Arising During the Evolution of Narrow Spectrum of Steep Waves. More details>>

Zakharov V.E., Dyachenko A.I. Numerical Experiments and Freak Waves. More details>>

Shurgalina E., Pelinovsky E. Development of Freak Swell Wave in a Weak Wave Field. More details>>

Didenkulova I., Pelinovsky E., Rodin A. Formation of Shallow Water Rogue Waves Taking into Account Wave Breaking Effects. More details>>