Issue №2(8)


Semenova V.U., Than Htun Aung. The Determination of the Ship Motion Amplitudes in Shallow Water by Means of the Three-Dimensional Theory. More details>>

Bestuzheva A.N. 3D-Problem of Wave Motion in a Fluid Around a Cone. More details>>

Sukhorukov A.L. On the Use of Shock-Absorbing and Damping Devices for Lifting Loads from Deep   Waters under Various Sea States. More details>>

Vekslyar V.Ya. Underwater Object Outline Working-off  Using Computer Design Technologies in Order to Improve Their Hydrodynamical Characteristics. More details>>

Egorov S.K. Investigation of the Effect of Body of Revolution Lengthening on the Propulsion Performance of Torpedoes and Underwater Vehicles. More details>>

Lev I.G., Vinogradov N.I., Nisnevich M.Z. On Definition of Hydrodynamic   Resistance Factors and Estimation of Vibration Characteristics of Bluff   Cables According to Sea Tests. More details>>

Baituganov M.W., Kurnosov A.A., Rudko A.A. Tactical Solutions Forming of Dissimilar Tools Complex Application Taking into Account   Hydroacoustical Compatibility. More details>>