2013, volume 6, issue 3


Grimshaw R. Models Fornonlinear Long Internal Waves in a Rotating Ocean. More details>>
Gerkema T. The Distribution of Bathymetric Slopes in the Ocean in Relation to Critical Reflection of Internal Waves. More details>>
Zimin A.V., Rodionov A.A., Zhegulin G.V. Short-Period Internal Waves on the White Sea Shelf: a Comparative Analysis on the Basis of Observations in Different Areas. More details>>
Serebryany A.N., Ivanov V.A. Study of Internal Waves in the Black Sea from Oceanography Platform of Marine Hydrophysical Institute. More details>>
Talipova T.G., Pelinovsky E.N., Kurkina O.E., Rouvinskaya E.A., Giniyatullin A.R., Naumov A.A. Nonreflective Propagation of Internal Waves in a Channel of Variable Cross-Section and Depth. More details>>
Gorshkov К.A., Soustova I.A., Ermoshkin A.V., Zayzeva N.V. Analysis of Non-Stationary Evolution of the Gardner-Eguation Solitons of Intense Internal Wave. More details>>
Vol’tsinger N.E., Androsov A.A. Nonhydrostatic Barotropic-Baroclinic Interaction in Strait with Mountain Relief. More details>>
Ali A., Kalisch H. Modeling Energy Conservation in a Completely Integrable Boussinesq system. More details>>
Kartashova E., Kartashov A. Energy Spectra of Ensemble of Nonlinear Capillary Waves on a Fluid Surface. More details>>